Plagiarized Pearls From Living a Long Time #2

"Thinking of ways to encourage others..."
How to Glorify God:
Simply make God look better to those around us.
Hello again,

I've always wondered what it meant to glorify God. Don't know how many theologians will agree with my recently picked up one liner, but it works for me. Never giving those around us a reason to tag us as a hypocrite is a good start.
So, my intent is to share these one liners with you in the hope you will find some of them encouraging.
If you like this, my second one, please share it.
You can also be an encourager. Till next time...

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Plagiarized Pearls From Living a Long Time #1

"Thinking of ways to encourage others..."
Everything is not falling apart.
Everything is falling in place.
This is encouraging for those of us who look forward to
the second coming of Christ.

Here is something brand new for me. I was reading the Bible this morning out of the NLT and came across Hebrews 10:24a: "Think of ways to encourage others..."
People have pegged me for years as an encourager, and I have also for years written down one liners drawn from just listening, reading and living.
So, my intent is to share some of those one liners with you in the hope you will find them encouraging. If you like this, my first one I over heard yesterday, please share it. You can also be an encourager.
Till next time...
Sam from

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Our Final Little Kicker Book Is Here!


Little Kicker Books—When you care enough to give the very best

We started this journey several years ago. In May, 2011 our first book was printed, followed by a new book each year. We received our eighth and final book of the series in October, 2018: Little Kicker Believes... God has a Plan for him and for you.

Today is Cyber Monday, November 26, 2018. Sandy and I have just returned home from a 52 day book signing and selling tour down across some South Eastern states. On our next birthdays I will be 78 and Sandy 75. Working 11 and 13 hour days is not as easy as it use to be, and recuperation takes a little longer. Anyway, we've got a prayer request: We need direction on establishing Little Kicker for the future. Sandy has completed her race in that the stories God gave to her so many years ago are now in print. In print in English, that is. What about the children of the world who are not English speaking? What about the children born after we have left this world?

Surely those who have read these darling little books will acknowledge their specialness. A specialness that will over-arch language, culture and time. We are desirous of God's perfect plan for Little Kicker's future. Please join us in prayer that Sandy and I will recognize that plan when in His perfect timing it is revealed. 


New Book Release

Kimble Creek Press LLC, DBA Little Kicker Books® has taken the third week of August, 2017 to announce the release of their newest book titled Little Kicker's Friendship Book, subtitled Being Happy With the Friends God Gave Me.

Sounds kinda like what I imagine a press release is suppose to sound like, huh? Anyway you slice it, this really is a big deal for Sandy and me. Her first book, A Prayer For Little Kicker, had its first printing in 2011 and has been reprinted two more times since then. Our brand new book, Little Kicker's Friendship Book, is our seventh and is our next to last. Our hope is to have our final Little Kicker book number number eight published early in 2018. We are amazed how God is using these books and plush donkey to help parents, grandparents and other adult care givers instill Bible based values in the children they love.

We covet you prayers. As many of you know, Sandy is a ten year cancer survivor. Yesterday she spent two hours on an MRI table getting a full scan with contrast of her spine. Her spine was where her cancer manifested itself years ago, and her spine has been giving her serious pain for some months now. We of course pray her painful back problem is an everyday, ordinary problem that can be easily corrected. Our nuro-spinal surgeon will invite us in for the MRI