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Gave these books to my Granddaughter for great grand baby arriving in January. They have already begun reading them to their baby in the womb. They love the storyline, looking forward to reading to baby after birth. they also love little kicker stuffed animal.

Gloria on 11/26/2021

Hi Gloria,
What a delightful review. Thank you so much.
There are a lot of babies being read to before they even get here. And then there are others that are not read to at all even after they arrive. We are sure glad your great grand baby is in the first category.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas,
Sam & Sandy


These books are wonderful!  They teach kindness and love for others, as well as love for the Lord.  They are very well written and illustrated.  There are also interactive questions to inspire young minds.  I would highly recommend the Little Kicker books!

Laverne on 11/29/2020


I hope you and Sandy are doing well! I sure missed being able to see y’all at Christmas Village in Birmingham this year.

My grandchildren absolutely love the Little Kicker books I purchased for them! They quickly became some of their favorite books they reach for time and again. The lessons taught in these engaging stories are planting seeds of God’s truth and love into their precious hearts and minds that will be with them for a lifetime.

Keep doing what y’all are doing to advance God’s Kingdom. You are making a difference!

Brenda P. on 11/19/2020


Thanks, my grands have outgrown them, great books!

Jenny P. on 11/19/2020


Hey they love the books and they have out grow them now.

Libby S. on 11/19/2020


Our grandson just loves Little Kicker Books. He is a little young for some of them, but I'm sure he will get into the first 5 soon. My daughter in law was excited to read them to him. Please stay safe and i'm looking forward to more books.

Linda G. on 11/19/2020


I was proud to give the Little Kicker book to the parents of a new baby boy.  
The book had a wonderful message for the parents and baby. The toy donkey was so soft and cuddly that even adults wanted to hug it.
(Rose Marie is talking about our first book, A Prayer For Little Kicker.)
Rose Marie S. on 11/19/2020


My grandson...who is two and a half loves his Little Kicker books so much that he asked for the other three. And he is really expecting them for Christmas. So I am glad I got them quickly in the mail. Thank you!!
Sharon C. on 11/19/2020


We have really enjoyed the Little Kicker books. They are made of great quality. The drawings are so colorful and we love the characters. We were able to take one book to the doctor when our daughter got some shots. She tried to laugh like Little Kicker did when he got his shot. She did well and had the nurse sign her book. We love these books!!

Amy C, 11/18/2020


I purchase several Little Kicker books (and Little Kicker himself) a couple of years ago, as gifts for young great-grandchildren. They were such a big hit, both for the kids and their parents! I highly recommend these well-made books. The stories are compelling, and lessons are readily learned. I believe they will be passed on beyond this generation. Love them!

Sue W. on 11/17/2020


Our family of 9 has loved our Little Kicker books. We have the whole collection including Little Kicker himself.  The lessons taught are done in such a fun and engaging way that Little Kicker feels like a member of our family. Thank you for these books and may God Bless you 💓

Jennie H. 11/17/2020