Our Final Little Kicker Book Is Here!


Little Kicker Books—When you care enough to give the very best

We started this journey several years ago. In May, 2011 our first book was printed, followed by a new book each year. We received our eighth and final book of the series in October, 2018: Little Kicker Believes... God has a Plan for him and for you.

Today is Cyber Monday, November 26, 2018. Sandy and I have just returned home from a 52 day book signing and selling tour down across some South Eastern states. On our next birthdays I will be 78 and Sandy 75. Working 11 and 13 hour days is not as easy as it use to be, and recuperation takes a little longer. Anyway, we've got a prayer request: We need direction on establishing Little Kicker for the future. Sandy has completed her race in that the stories God gave to her so many years ago are now in print. In print in English, that is. What about the children of the world who are not English speaking? What about the children born after we have left this world?

Surely those who have read these darling little books will acknowledge their specialness. A specialness that will over-arch language, culture and time. We are desirous of God's perfect plan for Little Kicker's future. Please join us in prayer that Sandy and I will recognize that plan when in His perfect timing it is revealed. 


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