Plagiarized Pearls From Living a Long Time #6

"Thinking of ways to encourage others..."
It is never wrong to call wrong "Wrong" when God calls it "Wrong".
Good morning,
The most quoted verse in the Bible is "Judge not, lest you be judged". Pretty good advice, huh? At least for the grey areas of life. But what do we do when we run smack dab into an area where God clearly calls a particular action "Wrong"?
I'm not asking about what our individual denominations interpret as wrong. I'm asking about what is as clear cut as the original Ten.
As I sit here contemplating the subject of wrong I can not help but wonder why we do not major our actions on what God calls "Right". In fact our sixth book in Sandy's Little Kicker book series is titled Little Kicker Learns it is Never Wrong to do the Right thing. That title seems to put a little more positive spin on the subject. 
I do not have the ability to wrap this up with a pithy little closing. I guess the encouraging part today is for you to know that there are others (me, at least) who do not have their understanding set in concrete. But, I do not let what I do not know shake me from what I do know. My favorite parable is the one about the blind man. He was interrogated as to the details of his healing and he responded that he didn't understand the details, but he sure enough knew that once he was blind and that now he can see! That's me.
Unless the Bible clearly states an action is wrong, who am I to judge? 😀
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