Plagiarized Pearls From Living a Long Time #7

"Thinking of ways to encourage others..."
You want to be encouraged? 
Go to a High School Graduation
Last night Sandy and I went to a high school graduation. May not sound like much to write about about, but spending those couple of hours in that gymnasium was the most encouraging experience we've had in a long time! The excited anticipation of those young adults was palatable.
We live in fly-over mid-America, but I've gotta believe the same attitude of hope is going to be part of graduation wherever you go. Even with the pandemic, nearly half the graduates received scholarships and a third of them earned GPAs over 3.5. The valedictorian was one of our second and third grade Sunday school students back what seems like such a short time ago. Something Sandy and I found specially rewarding was to see many young people recognized and appreciated for volunteer services to others. Another nice touch was when the leader took a show of the graduate's hands to indicate which field they saw themselves headed. Applause was given to each area, but the house was brought down with applause for the two who indicated they were entering law enforcement or the military. We were honored to be invited, but my recommendation is you go invited or not. And don't make a beeline for the exit when the ceremony is over. Just sit for a bit and soak in the the joy and excitement being shared by family and friends.  As I type this in mid-May, high school graduations should be plentiful in your area.
The world these graduates are entering is not the world we entered sixty plus years ago, but I have faith they will not let their world go to Hell in a hand basket. I wish them well.
You want to be encouraged? Go to a High School Graduation!
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