Plagiarized Pearls From Living a Long Time #5

"Thinking of ways to encourage others..."
I don't want what I can't afford
Good morning,
"I Don't want what I can't afford..." This plagiarized jewel fell from the lips of our number one (and only) son, Tony. He was answering someone's question of why he didn't own a larger, newer and nicer motorhome. Their old Commander got he and his wife, Tammy, and their desert toys back and forth for weekend jaunts to their favorite Southern Californian desert playgrounds, but the Commander admittedly did lack panache. Tony and Tammy both have a lot of ambition and like nice things. They are goal setters who desire to achieve. What they do not do is envy, begrudge, lust after or crave those things they can not yet afford. Wanting what we can not afford is a real bugaboo.
Actually, not wanting what we can not afford frees us up to really enjoy what we can afford. 
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