Plagiarized Pearls From Living a Long Time... #9

Plagiarized Pearls From Living a Long Time... #9
"Thinking of ways to encourage others..."
Put a Smile on Someone's Face
Good morning,
Sandy and I have been holding hands for nearly sixty years. Doesn't seem like a big thing, huh? But yesterday our hand holding was a big thing to Michael. In fact, Michael, who we had never met before, stoped his car to comment on our hand holding. It appears Michael seldom sees older folks holding hands, and we 'put a smile on on his face' when he came upon us holding hands on our daily walk down to the park.
Guess what, Michael put a smile on our faces when he took the time to let us know we had put a smile on his face.
Have a nice thought – Share a nice thought
Put a Smile on Someone's Face.
Till next time,
Sam from
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