Story Book Bundle (For children six or under)

Make it simple, buy all five story books and save $10.00.

$61.95 $74.75

These beautifully illustrated high quality hard cover books are stitched, not glued. The Bible based values are timeless and will be just as valuable for future generations as they are for your children today. They are a common 8.75" square 32 page format. You save $2.56 per book when you allow us to bundle the five books together.

Customer Reviews

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Vicky H.
Beginner set

This is the second set I have ordered and am happy with the books, Little Kicker, and the service received

Hi Vicky,
Thank you for your 5-Star rating and review.
And thank you for your return business.
We pray our Little Kicker books are a blessing to the little ones in your life.
Merry Christmas,
Sam & Sandy

Donna L.
Great present for our grandsons

Great present for our grandsons on their first birthday! Hope they will be able to pass them on to their children! Wonderful moral teachings and Christian values!

Donna, we sure do appreciate you! Sandy and I agree with your sentiments 100%. Our hope and our prayer is that these Little Kicker story books will bless children for generations to come.

Julie P.
I bought Little Kicker and

I bought Little Kicker and all of his books for my son’s best friend, his wife and their new baby. I asked the grandmother what I could give the soon to be parents and she said books for them to read to the baby. I knew right away Little Kicker was it. I have purchased Little Kickers and 2 complete sets of books for my 2 granddaughters. The principles and Christian values taught in these books are the same my parents taught me and the same we taught our sons. I hope my granddaughters will carry these same values throughout their lives and teach their children. Thank you Sam and Sandy for Little Kicker. As we have more grandchildren, we will purchase more Little Kickers!

Julie, you are something else! Just think of all the young lives you have and will affect through these Little Kicker books of Bible based values. As this generation of kids outgrow the stories, they will remember the Christian values learned. Even if the books are not kept in the family to be passed down to future generations, even if they end up in the thrift stores, the messages will still be reaching out to children. We love being a part of this ministry.
Sandy and I sure appreciate you and your encouragement

Rachel W.
I love these books.

I had previously bought one of the books for a great nephew. I am now going to be a great grandmother for the first time and bought a full set for my future great grandchild. These books are great, and I know they will be a cherished addition to that child's library. Her parents (my grandson and his wife) will appreciate them and the messages they convey.

Hi Rachel,
Sandy and I sure appreciate you sharing your thoughts about Little Kicker. We are so encouraged when previous buyers come back for more books. Now don't you dare spoil that great-grandchild... :-)
Thank you,

Melissa H.
I love reading these books

I love reading these books to my grandchildren. Just an easy, soft way to introduce God and his love to little ones.

Boy, you nailed it Lisa!
Sandy and I have never put together “Just an easy and soft way to introduce God and His love to little ones.” You have described Little Kicker Books to a ‘T’.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Sam & Sandy