Little Kicker Plush Toy


Plush Donkey Toy

A Spitting Image of the Book's Little Kicker

This is the softest and most squeezable, huggable little donkey you will find anywhere. Besides, he came from Sandy's own pattern and prototype and duplicates the donkey in her Little Kicker story books. Notice the upside down hearts on his nose, the hearts on his mane, the heart in the middle of his forehead and the cross on his back. Just like the Little Kicker in her story books.

Our reason for having the Little Kicker plush toy is to help your children, during their own play time, remember the Bible based value from our story books. Reports are coming back to us of how this little guy is augmenting the books. Why, he's is even going with the children to the doctor's office. He is a top quality plush toy made for us by the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear company of all new materials and with a washable surface. He is about 8" tall and 12" long. You can see in the photos how well he fits in children's arms.

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca P.
Little Kicker is just adorable.

Little Kicker is just adorable. Our first book has not arrived just yet, but I am looking forward to reading it to my grandson and introducing him to his new friend.

Gabriel F.
Great quality

My grandchildren and my great nieces and nephews love playing with this little kicker stuffed animal

Good morning Gabriel,
Thanks for letting us know that Little Kicker is a hit.
He is pretty sturdy, too, isn't he?
Sandy made the original pattern and prototype for her Little Kicker plush toy. She wanted him to match the character as she illustrated him in her books.
Thank you for your purchase and comments,

Rebecca W.
Love Little Kicker and all the books!

Such a sweet gift for anyone with children or as a baby shower gift!

Thank you so much, Rebecca, for helping the next buyer as they consider Little Kicker as a gift for the little ones in their lives.
And, we agree with you... They are sweet books and that plush donkey just loves to be hugged and slept with. :-)

Vicky H.
Little Kicker Plush Toy

He is just the right size for little arms to hold him. Safe with nothing that can be pulled off or pieces to put in mouth.

Good morning again, Vicky,
Isn't he the softest most cuddly little donkey you ever hugged? Sandy was an accomplished dress maker back in the days when our months lasted longer than my paycheck, and she taught herself how to make patterns. So, she made the pattern and first prototype of her Little Kicker plush toy. It took her nearly a year to get the manufacturing company to make him exactly how she wanted him to be. Trust me, there were a lot of rejected models.
Were glad you like him and hope he will help a little one in your life through many a good night's sleep.
Thanks again,

Haley P.
Love !!!

Love these Books and the Author!!! She is an Amazing Woman of God. She uses the farm animals to teach Godly lesson that kids can use in everyday life !!!

Hi Haley,
What a beautiful note to get in our email this morning.
We’re so glad you “love' our Little Kicker series, and pray they bless your little ones. We also pray God’s blessing on your children’s ministry in your church.
Thanks again,
Sam & Sandy