Plagiarized Pearls from Living a Long Time #14

 BEST STORY OF THE DAY: Dallas middle school started a "Breakfast with Dads" program but many dads couldn't make it and several students didn't have father figures. The school posted a Facebook request for 50 volunteer fathers... 600 fathers from all backgrounds showed up...

My original intent of these Plagiarized Pearls was to send out some encouragement. I'm afraid I fell into my temptation to preach. Preaching was my childhood goal. Sorry... 😞
I hope this one encourages you. It sure did me!

BTW, I posted this on a Children's Ministry page I'm a member of and have received the most responses by far of any post ever! I wonder if every week those in children's ministry don't see first hand the challenge of raising children without fathers. My hat's off to any man who will try and instill a little fatherhood into a child's life.

Till next time
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