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The best books/toys ever!

amazing quality & customer service!

Janet R.
I bought all copies and

I bought all copies and the donkey for my first great grandchild's birth in May. I am so impressed and with these books that I will find time to read them all before the grandchild will be able to experience the joy of learning how to live a good life but learning through these books on how to do it. The Lord lead me to these books and I will always be so grateful for visiting the author and her husband.

Hi Janet,
We sure enjoyed getting to know you down in the Rio Grande Valley, and we owe you an apology. We should have long ago acknowledged your kind words, and for not doing that, we apologize. Our parents raised us better.
Here is an idea I hoped we shared with you down in Texas. The knock-out baby shower gift is the combo of book one, "A Prayer For Little Kicker" coupled with the Little Kicker plush toy. Holding back some of the other books for later gifting for future special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas might be something for your to think about.
We hope you will have the opportunity to read these Little Kicker books to your great grandchild. They are a fun read for the grownup and the child. :-)
Thanks again,

Gloria P Martin
Love Little Kicker

I purchased these books for my Granddaughter who is expecting her first child January 19, 2022. Brittany and Corey are reading these books to their child in the womb. They can't wait to read them to Baby Bennett in person.

Hi Gloria,
What a sweet story. There are a lot of Little Kicker books being read to a lot of children, most already here and a few still on their way. Thank you for blessing us with your great grand baby's story and your Five-Star review. We pray Baby Bennett arrives safely.
Sam & Sandy

Diane Nale
Great books !!!!

I absolutely LOVE these books ! My grandchildren enjoy me reading to them and these are the perfect set of books to teach them about praying ! This was the best purchase I could’ve ever made as a learning and teaching tool plus they enjoy the stories so much. I recommend these books to any parent or grandparent with children in their homes. This is the perfect gift to give for Christmas!!!!!!

Good evening Diane,
WOW ! What beautiful comments about our books !!
Sandy and I really, really appreciate them so much. Sometimes we can all use some encouragement, and your's is it for this week. We're so happy your grandkids enjoy you reading Little Kicker to them. Enjoyably learning Bible based values is so nice.
Thanks again for you review and Merry Christmas
Sam & Sandy

Sarah Andreasen
Great Books!

Great, thoughtful stories with cute demonstrations! I can't wait to give these books to my nephew for Christmas!

Hi Sarah
Thank you for your comments and Five-Star review.
We would love to get a report back as to how they went over with your nephew.
Merry Christmas,
Sam & Sandy