Little Kicker Wants A Turn

Book 4

A Book About Sharing and Being Sensitive to the Needs of Others

 Being last to be chosen to play a game or forgotten to be included is a sad and lonely childhood experience. In this 5 Star rated children's read aloud picture book, Little Kicker asks Mother Donkey to pray for him. You see, his friends forgot he has not had his turn to play airplanes & pilots. The story closes with his tears turning to smiles as he says, "Thank you, Mother, I'm happy now. I always feel better when you pray for me." This lively, interactive book can help teach your children to share, and to be concerned for the feelings of others. As in most of the Little Kicker books, there is also a fun activity section at the back of the book.

Our series of Little Kicker books are all designed to help parents and care givers instill Bible based values in their children. This is a top quality hard cover 32 page 8.5 x 8.5 book made with durable case wrap side sewn, not glued, 90pt board case binding. The paper is 100 lb gloss white. No book is "child proof," but we've done our best to make it close to child proof.

Sandy Sprott is both the author and the illustrator of her Little Kicker book series. Little Kicker Wants A Turn, her fourth book, was published March, 2014. Sandy has been in children's Christian ministry since 1969, and she is recognized as a leader in her field. Her hard cover books are published by Kimble Creek Press. They are written, illustrated and printed in the USA. Our bindings are stitched in the old fashioned way, not glued. You will be pleased with their exceptional quality.