Little Kicker Likes To Jump

Book 5

Being Happy With The Way God Made Me

An important spiritual lesson to learn is to be happy the Lord made us just as we are. Our hope is that your children will learn, through this book of Bible based values, to be happy with themselves the way God made them. Little Kicker Likes To Jump has it all; challenge, drama and victory! "Hip, Hip, Hurrah! Hip, Hip, Hurrah!" A shout went up as the animals congratulated Little Kicker. "I love running. I love jumping. I am so glad God made me just as I am. I am so happy that I am a donkey," said Little Kicker... Your children learn they don't have to pretend to be like someone else to have valueThis fun 5 Star rated children's read aloud picture book has a meaningful certificate in the back to help your child feel special. An exciting activity page and intriguing glossary help complete this fun filled adventure.

Like all the Little Kicker books, this one is designed to help parents and other care givers instill Bible based values in their children. This read aloud children's picture book is fun for both the child and the adult. It is a high quality hard cover 32 page 8.5" x 8.5" book made with durable case wrap side sewn, not glued, 90pt board case binding. The paper is 100 lb gloss white. No book is "child proof," but we've done our best to make it close to child proof.

Sandy is both the author and the illustrator of her Little Kicker book series. Little Kicker Likes To Jump, her fifth book, was published in April, 2015. Sandy has been in children's ministry since 1969, and has been recognized as a leader in her field. Her hard cover books are published by Kimble Creek Press. They are written, illustrated and printed in the USA. Our bindings are stitched in the old fashioned way, not glued, and are built to last into the next generation.