Upcoming Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Sales – Little Kicker Books®
Bible Based Values are learned through Little Kicker Books for Children. A great series of children's books.
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Upcoming Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Sales

We have pulled our Autumn Sale, but will have something else in its place shortly.

Sandy and I have been away from home for a little over six weeks selling and autographing Little Kicker books. Thanksgiving will be spent in a convention center parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida. We will spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday set up at a Christmas Made In The South event there in Jacksonville. So glad we were able to buy this Fleetwood Flair motorhome. We left home with 2,100 pounds of books and donkeys, and there is just no way we could have done that with the older smaller unit we started this adventure with four years ago. Both the motorhome and the Chevy we tow are '04 models, but they run like a clock, and we are so thankful for them.

We have two more events to do and then we're heading home. While this is a heck of a way to market books, it seems to be the way God planed for us. We just love seeing kids walking away from our booth excited about their Little Kicker books and plush toy. The parents and grandparents are rewarding as they see the Spiritual values Sandy's little books carry. Until He opens the next door, we remain following His last order. We are so thankful for our health to do this.

Please keep us in your prayers. We need guidance for how best to plan for Little Kicker's continuance when we are no longer able.


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